We are here

“Era una bbella precissione
perché cciaveva uno de li più belli stennardi de Roma.
‘Sta precissione era fatta da la compagnia de li Vascellari,
che in quer tempo, ortre a ffa’ le pile, li tigami, li dindaroli, li scardini eccetera,
co’ la créta de fiume,
ce faceveno puro li bbucali de còccio che anticamente invece de le fojette e dde li mèzzi de vetro,
s’addropàveno pe’ sservì er vino in de ll’osterie”.                                                                                                                                                       L.Zanazzo

True, all roads lead to Rome. But there is one in particular that most of all accompany you in the heart of the history of this city. You Via dei Vascellari, the street named after one of the trades that revives the Roman streets from the earliest years after the Foundation of the city.
The name “Vascellari” has a long history and, as often happens in these cases, no single branch. In fact it is possible has to do with the construction of boats, as well as it is equally possible that, for a typical deformation dialect romanesca, concerns the Vasellari, ie the potters and manufacturers of mugs and objects in crock. These artisans had settled in this historic district because the area allowed, for its proximity to the Tiber, the supply of water and land, but also trade in products in the nearby port of Ripa Grande.
Yes, certainly water under the bridge has passed, to say the Roman, but what we want most of all is to try to make you discover the Rome of the past, feel the smells of a city now lost, listen to the sounds that filled these artisans alleys.
Just like the potters modeled clay and clay to create pots, pans and jugs, we will be the Vascellari of your appetite, the taste of the craftsmen. With our traditional and historical recipes, but also careful to test beds all to enjoy, you can immerse yourself in ancient Rome, riassaporandone the authentic taste, genuine.
In Vascellari, only wish you,
Buon Appetito!
(But in moderation … a short walk awaits Vascellari Alley, the narrowest alley of Rome!)